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Development Camp

Camp Information


 See the Girls/Womens pagefor details on the 2021 PNAHA Girls Development Camp.


2021 PNAHA Youth Development Camp

Check in will be Saturday AM at your 1st Game. Schedules and Team Rosters by Age Group are below. You can download them and print them out.

Due to the COVID Protocols, we will have to follow the Rules Below:

Masks must be worn at all times while inside the building.

Players will be allowed in to dress in dressing areas upstairs 30 min before their game start time.

Players must exit the building after their game.

Due to the forecast of rain, players will be dressing in the spectator area, there will be no spectators allowed in the building at any time.

All players, team leaders and evaluators will follow CDC and WA State COVID guidelines at all times while in the building.

The games can be watched on

Use discount code:       ea68-bb89

Thank you for your patience during these challenging times. We are so glad the players will get the opportunity to compete against our best!


The 2021 PNAHA Development Camp has been scheduled for March 6th & 7th at Tacoma Twin Rinks.

Please see your Association Coaching Director or Player Development personnel for more information on how to receive an invitation. Invitations will be sent to nominated players in early February.

If you are a Washington resident and are playing out of the Pacific District and are interested in attending the camp, contact Rob Kaufman at for more information.

If you are a Washington resident playing in another state in the Pacific District, you will need to follow the procedures of the state you are playing in.

 Eligible birth years for both Youth and Girls camps are:

Select 14 - Birth Year 2007
Select 15 - Birth Year 2006
Select 16 - Birth Year 2005
Select 17 - Birth Year 2004

Check in Information: Check in will be Saturday AM at your 1st game.

Direct Youth (Boys) questions to: Rob Kaufman.

Pacific District Camp Invitees:


    2007's    14's  
  Defense   Forwards
  Freeman Butler   Seth Banner
  Jake Harasek   Dominic Deery
  Logyn Kaufman   Eli Fareria
  Michael Khudyakov   Liam Heary
  Kaylob Knopp   Benjamin Humphreys
  Peryton Munger   Dylan Johnson
  Vincient Rodriguez   Cullen Johnson
  Keegan Stickle   James Lu
      Ryan O'loughlin
  Goalies   Whittaker Perrin
  Zeke Jenrich   Grayson Picicci
  Tyler Mak   Nick Roy
  Bronson Pankey    


    2006's     15's    
  Defense   Forwards  
  Nolan Curran   Holden Bates  
  Evan Eisenman   Ethan Black  
  Kael Jackson   Lance Buell  
  Joaquin Kiltz   Braeden Derouen  
  Brayden Pankey   Connor Ellingsen  
  Evan Scholl   Riley Hankins  
      Cyril Mitsopoulos  
  Goalies   Peter Moskalenko  
  Cedric Ho   Jarrett Rainey-Gibson  
  Alt: Thomas Cararelli   David Sinyuk

Alt: Andrew Leung


    2005's    16's  
  Defense   Forwards
  Jason Dua   Zachariah Baumann
  DJ Ivory   Anthony Endres
  Daniel Matheson   Niklas Gudmunson
  Brogan Young   Joshua Humphreys
  Alt Jocob Adams   Mason Lochten
  Alt Wesley Bond   Connor Macaulay
  Alt Trevor Holmes Kaden Shahan
      Quin Treacy
  Goalies   Jimmy Zeissel
  Grant Liang   Alt Logan Powers
  Alt Jonah Nash   Alt Loghan Weber
    2004's     17's  
  Defense   Forwards
  Ethan Bockus   Owen Ames
  Stuart Carruthers   Robert Anselmo
  Connor Jensen   KJ Edwards
  Sean Johnson   Bryce Johnson
  Connor Overson   Grig Kaagan
  Caden Wilkinson   Brendan Leung
  Alt Kace Kochel   Luke Pizzey
      Tyler Poletski
  Goalies   Will Somers
  Luke Neilson   Coen Wood
  Alt Szymon Dziwok   Alt Keagan Miciak

Rob Kaufman

PNAHA Director of Player Development

2021 Camp Schedule

The 2021 camp schedule will be available for downloading and printing several days before the camp. Note that due to unforeseen circumstances, the Camp Schedule may change without notice. We will get the corrected Schedule on this Website as soon as changes are made. 

Some schedules have a "WHITE" 17 TEAM, IT SHOULD BE "GREY"

Below is a link to download 2021 Camp Schedule. "Click" on the Red Title to Download.

Approved Host Hotels for PNAHA Development Camp

2021 Approved Hotels

There are No Host Hotels for the Development Camp this year.

PNAHA players invited to 2021 PNAHA Development Camp

2020-21 Team Rosters

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