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Girls/Women's Hockey

2022 PNAHA - Girls Development Camp

2022 Girls Development Camp Selections for Pacific District:

The girls named below their love of hockey in the following state associations:  Whatcom, Everett, Seattle Junior, WWFHA, SnoKing, Tri Cities, Wenatchee, Spokane, Vancouver and Kent.  These girls call your rinks home regardless of where they play now.  Please send your support and encouragement to all.  We are so proud of every single one of them!

PNAHA Girls State Camp Selections – 2022

2008 Players
Jessica Bobiles
Maealie Glanzer 
Allison LeBret
Raegan Mayberry 
MacKenna McDougall
Savanna Stamp

Mackenzie Demoors 
Sydney Hermanson
River Kirk
Calle Shanahan 

Alternates Requests 
Jordyn Miller – Forward 
Kate O’Brien – Forward 
Keira O’Brien – Defense 

2007 Players
Victoria Cormick
Kiernan Ledoux
Esme LiChong
Grace Littler
Brooklyn O’Brien
Addison Tremel

Darby Marshall
Vivian McDonnell
Olivia Tucker
Teagan Williamson

Aubry Borchers

2006 Players
Haya Bolotski
Dani Layne Karinen 
Megumi Whisman

Christa Bashinski
Dakota Ormiston

Alternate Requests
Emily Orleans - Forward
Ophelia Mast - Defense

2005 Players
Lily Kollodge 
Isabelle Orleans
Andrea Welliver

Julia Lyrintzis

Gabriella deVita 

For more information on the Pacific District Girls Player Development Camp, please see this link.

Information for PNAHA Girls Development Camp

2022 PNAHA Girls Development Camp Information

The 2022 PNAHA Girls Development Camp will be held in Wenatchee Town Toyota Center January 22nd & 23rd in conjunction with the PNAHA Youth Development Camp.

Address:  1300 Walla Walla Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801

Check in: Friday 6:00-8:00 PM at the Wenatchee Convention Center (Connected to the Coast Hotel).  

Address: 121 N Wenatchee Ave, Wenatchee, WA 98801-2238

Tentative Schedule:
Friday 6:00-8:00 PM - Check in - Wenatchee Convention Center
Saturday 6:00-7:00 AM - 2005/2006 Girls - Event Ice
Saturday 7:15-8:15 AM - 2007/2008 Girls - Event Ice
Saturday 9:15-10:00 AM - Goalies Clinic - Community Ice -

2007/2008 Birth Years
Saturday 1:00-2:00 PM - 2007/2008 Girls - Event Ice
Saturday 2:15-3:15 PM - 2005/2006 Girls - Event Ice
Saturday 4:30-5:15 PM - Goalies Clinic - Community Ice

2005/2006 Birth Years
Sunday 9:00 - 10:00 AM - Panel Presentation - Event Building
Sunday 11:00-12:15 PM - 2007 Birth Year Game - Community Ice
Sunday 12:15-1:30 PM - 2005/2006 Birth Year Game - Event Ice
Sunday 1:45-3:00 PM - 2008 Birth Year Game - Event Ice  (2007 Goalies Needed)

Details:  All girls in eligible birth years playing for a PNAHA association will be invited to participate in the event.  If you are a Washington resident and are playing outside of the Pacific District and are interested in attending the camp, please register.

If you are a Washington resident playing in another state in the Pacific District, you will need to follow the procedures of the state you are playing in.

Eligible birth years for both Girls camps are:
Select 14 - Birth Year 2008
Select 15 - Birth Year 2007
Select 16 - Birth Year 2006
Select 17 - Birth Year 2005

Host Hotel and Reservation Instructions: Please call the hotel directly at these numbers and make sure to mention PNAHA Development Camp to get the group rate.

Holiday Inn Express  509-663-6355        
$119.00 plus tax including Hot Breakfast Buffet, WiFi and Parking

Springhill Suites by Marriott  509-667-2775   
$139.00 plus tax including Hot Breakfast Buffet, Wifi and Parking                    

Jim O'Brien




Example of Registration Page

PNAHA Washington State Female Development Camp - REGISTRATION PROCESS

Welcome to PNAHA's registration process for girls players participating in the PNAHA Washington State Girls Development Camp. Note: Players must register on this Girls/Women Page. Do NOT use the link on the Youth Development Camp page to register if you are a girl. PNAHA is required to utilize the Rocky Mountain Register to register players for the PNAHA Development Camps. Rocky Mountain Register is the registration process of choice of USA Hockey. Once you have registered your player in this system your information will remain in the database, and each year that your player is eligible for the PNAHA Camp and/or Pacific District or USA Hockey National Camps you will only need to enter your Login (your email address) and password to register your player and/or players and edit their information if necessary. So, be sure to keep this information so that you can retrieve it for future use.

The deadline for registration is TBD for the 2022 Camp. Note that the PNAHA Washington State Girls Development Camp is a prerequisite for attending the Pacific District Tryout/Development Camp. If we do not receive enough registrations to support the camp, we will revert to the Pacific District Development Camp selection process used in previous years, and your PNAHA Washington State Female Development Camp registration fee will be returned. Please note that players who do not register to attend the PNAHA Washington State Female Development Camp will not be considered for selection to the Pacific District Multi-District Development Camp.

Please have your Visa or Mastercard available prior to beginning this registration process. After you enter your information you will need to pay for the registration. Note that by beginning this process you are demonstrating your player’s commitment to attend the camp. Registration fee for the PNAHA Washington State Girls Development Camp is $135.00. This fee is nonrefundable. There are no exceptions.


Have the following information available before you begin the registration process, as you will be entering your Player’s Profile:

• Player’s current coach’s name, address, and phone number.
• Player's statistics (goals, assists, goalie save percentages).
• Insurance information including provider’s address, phone number, and policy number.
• A current Visa or Master Card.

Many of the forms needed for the camp require similar information. This system can automatically fill out the registration forms based on your responses to the Player Profile questions. When you arrive at the Summary Sheet (Example at the bottom of this page) you will be directed to print the “USA Hockey Consent to Treat/Medical Release” form. Be sure to have the player’s legal guardian sign this form, and bring it to the Development Camp with her. Note that under "Contact Information" there is a button that allows you to update your player’s information. If you have two players attending the camp, click the button under the "Player Information" section; billing information is located at the bottom of this page. Your registration is not final until payment has been made and cleared. On this page, you can locate your account number, and you can print out your receipt

When you have gathered the questionnaire information noted above, and have a valid Visa or Mastercard; please begin the registration process by clicking on the "Rocky Mountain Register" button below. The registration process will be complete once you print out your player’s registration forms. The player must bring these forms to check in for the PNAHA Washington State Female Development Camp.

FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PNAHA Washington State Girls Development Camp?

  • The PNAHA Washington State Girls Development Camp is the precursor to the Multi-District Tryout/Development Camp. In order to attend the Multi-District Camp, players must attend the PNAHA State camp and be selected by the group of evaluators to move forward. From there, players shall be selected to attend the USA Hockey National Camp.

Who is the State Camp for?

  • The Camp is for ALL Washington State girl players, who are US citizens, born in designated birth years, who play ice hockey. Most team schedules have been adjusted to not conflict with the Camp, so we encourage every age-appropriate girl to attend.

What else will the State Camp do for me?

  • Players will have the opportunity to improve and test their skills by playing with and against other girls players from the state in skill sessions (first day) and scrimmages (second day). Additional ice time, exposure to a broad pool of players and coaches, and the opportunity to compete at a higher level will aid in players’ growth and development.  Whether or not a player is selected to move on to subsequent USA Hockey camps, she will gain from this unique, fun and challenging hockey experience.

How will this help my goal to play collegiate hockey?

  • Additional opportunities to play at the state, district and national level always helps with exposure to collegiate scouts. Moreover, additional ice time benefits your game, allowing you to progress to your next goal, whether that is making a local rep team or working towards a spot on a collegiate roster.

Is there still time to sign up?

  • This camp fills quickly, so please register to reserve your jersey / spot.

Registration Process

  • Registration and payment will be online on this page. Read and follow the instructions above. When you are ready to register, click on the Rocky Mountain logo.
  • Please note that player statistics do not need to be comprehensive. They can be updated later in the season for players who successfully progress to the Pacific District Tryouts.
  • NOTE: Attendance at the PNAHA WA State Camp is a requirement for attending the Pacific District Tryout/Development Camp, now called the Multi-District Tryout and Evaluation Camp. No exceptions.

More questions?