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PNAHA Youth/Female Development Camps

Due to the governor’s extension of the current ice rink closures and the uncertainty of an opening date, we have decided to postpone the January 23rd PNAHA Youth Development Camp.  Additionally, the Female Development Camp has been postponed from January 30/31.  We will update details of the Development Camps when more information from the state becomes available. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

2020-2021 Tournament Sanctioning

PNAHA Associations-

For the 2020-20201 season, there have been questions on whether USA Hockey will sanction tournaments for your association. Currently, the national office, Pacific district and PNAHA are requesting each association to follow WA state, local and CDC guidelines for hosting such an event. What this means: you as the host of a USA Hockey sanctioned tournament, are responsible for ensuring your association and facility comply with the guidelines the CDC, WA state and your local health authority have mandated for such an eventUSA Hockey, Pacific District and PNAHA are not responsible for ensuring your program is in compliance of said guidelines. We recommend you engage your local health authority for their guidance on requirements for hosting a tournament.

The submitting of tournament paperwork will remain the same this season. Please reach out to Jeremy if you have any questions and further information on applying to host a tournament.

Dru Hammond
USA Hockey, PNAHA President

USAH and Pacific District to offer Online Options for Coaching Education

Pacific District Coaches,

USAH and Pacific District to offer Online Options for Coaching Education

Register now for Pilot Online Coaches Clinic

As hockey begins its return to facilities throughout our District, USA Hockey and the District has been evaluating options for Coaching Education. While evaluating the issues surrounding CEP Certification in current COVID environment, the following was considered:

  1. The safety of our Instructors and our Coaches
  2. The various stages of opening and social distancing requirements of localities
  3. The current and anticipated availability of facilities (rinks and classrooms)
  4. The demand by Coaches and Associations for immediate term coaching education opportunities
  5. Continuing the tradition of providing World Class Coaching Education

In response to such considerations, the Coaching Education Program will be offering Online options for the traditional in-person class requirements (Level 1, 2, 3, and 4). The age specific module(s) requirement will remain in place and unchanged.

All of these classes will be conducted with Zoom and will take place in three, two and a one-half hour sessions, for a total of about six hours of classroom time (consistent with in-person class standards). Note, there is a one day break between each of the class sessions. Coaches will be able to register for these classes using the current Coaches’ Course system that they have always used to register for CEP classes.

  • The Level 2 will take place between June 7-11.
  • The Level 3 will take place between June 8-12.

Registration for these classes is open now. Each of these classes will be limited to 50 coaches. Register at

The overall plan for the COVID response will be multi-pronged in order to support the approximately 1,700 coaches in our District and include:

  1. Expansion of Online Classes to support the immediate term so coaches can take classes during Phase 0, Phase 1, and Phase 2 openings as defined in their locality. These classes will be available immediately (with pilot programs) and will expand accordingly with the goal of having capacity to train all 1,700 coaches in the District.
  2. Availability of In-Person Clinics subject to State and Local Regulations consistent with best social distancing practices as established by the CDC and USAH. At earliest, if possible at all, these in-person clinics won’t be offered until October 1, of 2020.
  3. Expansion of the Temporary Card Program to accommodate those with concerns and/or specials needs as a result of COVID-19.


If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to reach out to me at




Flint Doungchak | Pacific District Coach in Chief

5784 Donohoe Avenue | Eugene, OR 97402

T (541) 359-4154 | C (541) 554-7004


Upcoming PNAHA Meeting

January 9, 2021 - Winter Meeting

Will be held online through ZOOM! 

Meeting links and documents will be emailed out to the board, directors and associations.  

Meeting starts at 9:00 am, for documents for the meeting please visit Upcoming Meetings. 

USA Hockey Player Safety & Health


Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

For the most current information please visit

Link to CDC - 
Link to WHO -

Non certified Pro Masque goalie face-Masks

Please read and email the attached to your association and disseminate to your players about the non certified Pro Masque goalie face-Masks that may be in use.

For associations holding an upcoming tournament- please email to all those attending.

If any player has one of these, they can not use it in any USAH sanctioned activity and must cease immediate use of it.

2020-2021 Youth and Girls Tier I Calculation

Posted Below is the USA Hockey 2020-2021 Youth and Girls Tier I Calculation document.

Level 5 Symposium

Level 5 Symposium

USA Hockey Safe Sport Information

Please make sure you are aware and read the posted USA Hockey Safe Sport information.

Background Checks

New / Renew Background Checks

Verify Background Check Status

Safesport Training

Note 2017-18 problem with system recognizing you need to complete your Refresher Course. The Safesport Program is hosted by the United States Olympic Committee and only uploads completed files to USA Hockey.  It does not recognize that you need a Safesport Refresher Course.  To complete the Refresher, log into Go to the store at the top of the page and find the Safesport Refresher Course and add it to your bag.  Checkout and activate.  Note that when the course is complete it can 48 hours to upload to the USA hockey database.

Affiliate Coaching Clinics for PNAHA in 2020

Coaching Clinics will be posted as soon as they are available. Coaches need to have Safesport and their age specific modules completed. They will need to have USA Hockey’s Mobile Coaching App downloaded also.

Register with USAH

Find a USAH Coaching Clinic near you

SafeSport Training

Age Specific Modules

Mobile Coaching App


PNAHA is a USA Hockey Affliiate serving the State of Washington.

PNAHA is part of the USA Hockey Pacific District which includes the States of Alaska, California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington; and one non-affiliated State: Hawaii.

PNAHA consists of its Associations, who assign Directors to represent them at PNAHA meetings, where they define the PNAHA Rules, and who elect the PNAHA officers.

PNAHA Associations and Directors                PNAHA Officers

Check out the Action Calendar for important dates for associations.


Pnaha logo 2 2014


All materials must be in a three ring binder with plastic cover on front and along the left spine. The team’s name/division shall be displayed both on the front and along the left spine.   Each item (including scoresheets) should be placed inside a plastic sheet protector (2 pages per protector, back to back).  All materials must be in the following order:

Team Information

  1. Approved Team roster
  • Credentialing Sheet (plus 2 blank copies)
  • ALL game scoresheets, arranged chronologically with the latest game played on top going back to the first game played (back to back in plastic sheets). Long sheets should be folded to show your team’s side of the scoresheet and game date.
  • Consent to Treat forms (only for Nationally bound teams).
  • Concussion return to play form for any player that was out of play.

Please do not put anything else in this binder and make sure it’s in the order listed.  There should be four dividers:  Team Roster, Score sheets, Consent to Treat and Concussion  return to play forms– in that order.

If you have any questions about the credential book, give me a call and I will be happy to answer any questions.

Jeremy McCann
PNAHA Registrar

Last Update 12/10/2018