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Rules and Policies

PNAHA is governed by multiple sets of rules.

As a USA Hockey affiliate it is governed by the USA Hockey rules and policies as set out in the USA Hockey Annual Guide.  Typically, if a PNAHA rule or policy is in conflict with USA Hockey, the USA Hockey rule/policy prevails.

USA Hockey Rules can be found at the following links:
USA Hockey Annual Guide
Pacific District Guide
‚ÄčPNAHA Annual Guide
USA Hockey Insurance Handbook
Playing Rules
Coaching Ethics
Coaching Education Requirements
Safe Sport Program
USA Hockey District and Nationals Tournament Guide

PNAHA has its own set of rules as defined in the most current PNAHA GuideBook and recently passed motions by the PNAHA Board of Directors.  Click on the image on the right for the PNAHA Guide Book. 

PNAHA's role within USA Hockey is also scoped in the USA Hockey Affiliate Agreement.