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Playing in Canada

Playing in Canada Guide

Last updated January 2013

Some of the rules are slightly different when playing in Canada in multiple ways.  

This document’s goal is to help ensure everyone understands the differences. 

Please note that rules change and you are responsible for knowing what the rules are.  While this is meant to help, if it is inaccurate at some point it’s not an excuse for rule infractions. 

  • Travel permits are required.  They must be sent to the registrar before going to the tournament.
  • Tag up offsides at all age levels
  • See this USA Hockey / Hockey Canada agreement for equipment requirements
  • Neck-guards are required when playing in the PCAHA league.  
  • Check with your tournament director to see if they are aware of the USA Hockey / Hockey Canada agreement regarding neck guards and if they are required for the tournament.
  • Mouth-guards are required for US players playing in Canada, PeeWee and older.

USA suspension guidelines apply to all USA teams even when playing in Canada.

  • If a player gets a game misconduct they must sit the next game. 
    • The only exception is when a player gets a 2 minute checking from behind penalty
  • If a player gets 5 penalties they must miss the next game (check your game sheets)
  • If a team gets 15 penalties the coach must miss the next game.
  • Playing an ineligible player is a minimum 30 day suspension.   Please check your game sheets.

Spring Hockey

  • Spring leagues and tournaments are typically not sanctioned and USA Hockey insurance is not in effect.  
  • There are serious potential consequences to coaches and associations that put USA Hockey teams into non-sanctioned events.