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Suspension Guidelines

PNAHA Suspension Guidelines

Please see the current PNAHA Guide Book for the latest suspension requirements. 


ALL MATCH PENALTIES shall have a minimum 3 game suspension. If an injury is sustained due to the infraction, the suspension shall be indefinite until review by the proper authorities.
The following penalty shall have an indefinite suspension until reviewed by proper authorities.  NOTE this penalty is also addressed in the PNAHA Rules and Regulations, Article III Suspensions, "Any team that leaves the ice during a game: the team, coach and/or team official may be suspended for a period of one (1) year and shall be suspended for a minimum of thirty (30) days.”
           632 (a-b)  Suspended game-refusal to start play
 The following Match Penalty shall in all cases be reported to the District Referee in Chief within 48 hours.  The player, team official or coach involved shall be suspended indefinitely until further review by the proper authorities.
            601 (g1-j1)  Physical assault of a game official
 A Coach and/or a Team Official who knowingly allows the participation of an ineligible player in any game shall be suspended for a minimum of thirty (30) days.

Any player, coach or team official suspended shall not have contact with the team one (1) hour before the game until one (1) hour after the game.
No official or player may participate in practice with the team.  Any player, coach or team official while suspended by PNAHA shall NOT act as a game official.

 Canadian Exceptions for Game Misconducts

 A game misconduct acquired for MINOR checking from behind while playing in Canada or in a Canadian League does not require the player to be suspended the next game, whether in the U.S. or Canada.