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Development Camp Registration

(There are no refunds without Doctor's  Notice of player's ineligibility)

Host Hotel and Check-In

Host Hotels this year in Wenatchee. See Development Camp page for details.

Players will check in at their assigned time at the Wenatchee Convention Center Friday, January 21, 2022. See Development Camp page for details.


Registration Process

2022 PNAHA Youth (Boys) Player Development Camp
Wenatchee, Washington
January 21 - 23, 2022 

Eligible Birth Years
Select 14=2008   Special Link and password required sent in email from (check spam or junk folder)
Select 15=2007   Special Link and password required (Do not register on the 2006 & 2005 registration page)

Select 16=2006 Instructions below
Select 17=2005 Instructions below

Welcome to PNAHA's registration process for youth players participating in the PNAHA/Pacific District Development Camps. PNAHA utilizes Rocky Mountain Register to register players for the PNAHA Development Camps. Rocky Mountain Register is the registration process of choice by USA Hockey. Once you have registered your player in this system your information will remain in the database and each year that your player is eligible for the PNAHA Camp and/or Pacific District or USA Hockey National Camps you will just need to enter your Login (your email address) and password to edit the system and register your player and/or players. So, be sure to keep this information somewhere so that you can retrieve it for future use.

Please have your Visa or Mastercard available prior to beginning this process. After you enter your information you will need to pay for your registration. Note that by beginning this process you are demonstrating your commitment to attend the camp. Registration fee for the PNAHA Development Camp is $135.00. This is a nonrefundable fee. There are no exceptions without a doctor's instruction that the player is unable to play.

You will be entering your Player Profile. Before you begin the registration process be sure to have the following information available:

• Current coaches name, address, and phone number.
• The player's statistics (goals, assists, goalie save percentages).
• Insurance card including address, phone number, and policy number.
• A current Visa or Master Card

Many of the forms needed for the camp require similar information so the system will fill out your registration forms for you based on the information you submit to the Player Profile questions. When you get to the Summary Sheet (Example below) you will be directed to print the USA Hockey Consent To Treat/Medical Release form. Be sure to have the legal guardian sign this form and bring it to the Development Camp with you. Note that under "Contact Information" you also have a button that allows you to update your information in the system. If you have two players attending the camp you can click the sibling button under the "Player Information" section. Billing information is at the bottom of this page. Your registration is not final until payment has been made and cleared. Your account number is located on this page and you can also print out your receipt from this page.


If you are a Youth Player (Boys) and have gathered the questionnaire information noted above, and have a valid Visa or Mastercard; please begin the registration process by clicking on the "Rocky Mountain Register" button below. The registration process is complete once you print out your registration forms. You will bring these forms with you to register for the PNAHA Youth (Boys) Development Camp.

This link is for Youth (Boys) Players Only. Females need to register on the Women's page.

Registration for 2022 Youth (Boys) Select 16 & Select 17's Only will open in mid January, 2022.   Click the Rocky Mountain link below.

14's & 15's will receive a link and password from and register on another site.