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PNAHA Officers and Appointed Directors

Rob Azevedo

President (Elected 06/2021)

Phone: (509) 999-3870

Tim Smith

Tim Smith

East Side 2nd Vice President (Elected 06/2021)

Phone: (509) 531-8713

TBD (Vacant)

West Side 1st Vice President (Elected 06/2019)

Debbie  Didzerekis

Debbie Didzerekis

Secretary/Treasurer (Elected 06/19)

Phone: 509-440-8918

Rob  Kaufman

Rob Kaufman

PNAHA Coaching and Youth Player Director

Phone: 253-973-1574 Fax: 253-265-3102

Kyle Knudsen

Goalie Development Coordinator EAST

Phone: (509) 991-7449

Jody Carpenter

ADM Director East

Phone: (509) 810-6713

Tami English

Disabled Hockey Director

Phone: (253) 297-5389

Annette Lin

PNAHA Referee in Chief

Phone: 253-405-2092

Jeremy McCann

PNAHA Registrar

Phone: (360)731-4203

Nicole Adams

PNAHA Safe Sport Director

Phone: (509) 714-2998

Jim O'Brien

PNAHA Female Representative

Phone: (206) 790-4919

Sam Bloomberg

Goalie Development Coordinator WEST

Phone: (989) 284-4035

Doug  Kirton

Doug Kirton

ADM Director West

Phone: 425-821-7133

Andy Cole

PNAHA Senior Director and Affiliate Rink Liaison

Phone: 206-255-6739

Tony Milles

PNAHA Disabled Referee In Chief

Phone: 253-261-4896

Wendy Goldstein

USA Hockey District Registrar

Phone: (714) 496-3893

Terri Mooney

Terri Mooney

PNAHA League Commissioner

Phone: (509) 554-1721