Monitoring and Supervision: National Level

USA Hockey shall monitor compliance with the USA Hockey Safe Sport Program in all Affiliates.

USA Hockey shall monitor all Affiliates to determine whether they are properly supervising and monitoring their Local Programs’ compliance with the Education and Awareness Training and Screening Policies, and requiring that all required training and screening is completed in accordance with such Policies.

USA Hockey shall require that all national personnel, including members of the Board of Directors, Councils and Committees and national office staff have received all required training and have been screened as a condition of holding that position.

USA Hockey shall promptly address any reports of abuse and misconduct, and make all such reports as are required under the USA Hockey Safe Sport Program or applicable law, and shall monitor and supervise the Affiliates to help ensure all such reports are made.

On or before September 30th of each season, USA Hockey shall require and receive from each Affiliate a certification of the Affiliate’s compliance with the USA Hockey Safe Sport Program. USA Hockey shall provide the form of certification to be used by Affiliates.

USA Hockey shall maintain a Safe Sport Task Force to monitor USA Hockey’s and Affiliates’ compliance with the USA Hockey Safe Sport Program and shall consider modifications to the policies and other aspects of the USA Hockey Safe Sport Program on a yearly basis or more often as necessary.