Athletic Training Modalities

Due to the nature of the contact between an athlete and a person performing a massage, rubdown, taping or other athletic training modalities, the potential for abuse or misconduct can occur. This Policy must be adopted by every USA Hockey Member Program where any massage, rubdown, taping or other athletic training modalities are permitted on a Participant.

Any massage or rubdown, taping or other athletic training modality must be conducted in an open and interruptible location. Any massage of a minor Participant must be done with at least one other adult present and must never be done with only the minor Participant and the person performing the massage, rubdown or athletic training modality in the room.

Prior to any massage or rubdown of a minor Participant, the person performing the massage or rubdownshall obtain the written consent of the minor Participant’s legal guardian. The consent must specify if it is fora specific treatment or for ongoing treatments over a period of time, and the nature of the treatment. If requested, parents must be permitted to be in the room as an observer.