It is the policy of USA Hockey that threats by a Participant to harm another Participant are not acceptable in USA Hockey programs.

A threat to harm others includes any written, verbal, physical or electronically transmitted expression of intent to physically injure or harm someone else. A threat may be communicated directly to the intended victim or communicated to a third party. Threatening behavior by a Participant is prohibited in any manner in connection with any USA Hockey sanctioned activities or events.

It is a violation of this Policy if an Adult Participant knows or should know of the threatening behavior but takes no action to intervene or report on behalf of the targeted Participant(s).

Any USA Hockey Participant who engages in any act of threatening behavior that occurs within a context that is reasonably related to hockey is subject to appropriate disciplinary action including but not limited to suspension, permanent suspension, and/or referral to law enforcement authorities. The severity and pattern, if any, of the threatening behavior and/or result shall be taken into consideration when disciplinary decisions are made.