It is the policy of USA Hockey that harassing behavior of any Participant shall be prohibited in USA Hockey and Member Programs by any other Participant. The purpose of this Policy is to describe the types of conduct and behaviors that are considered Harassment subject to this Policy, and for which Participants may be subject to disciplinary action.

Harassment is any repeated and/or severe conduct that occurs within a context that is reasonably related to hockey and that:

a. causes fear, humiliation or annoyance;

b. offends or degrades;

c. creates a hostile environment;

d. reflects discriminatory bias in an attempt to establish dominance, superiority or power over an individual or group based on age, race, ethnicity, culture, religion, national origin, or mental or physical disability; or

e. any act or conduct described as harassment under federal or state law.

Whether conduct is harassing depends on the totality of the circumstances, including the nature, frequency, intensity, location, context, and duration of the behavior.

Conduct may not rise to the level of Harassment if it is rude (inadvertently saying or doing something hurtful), mean (purposefully saying or doing something hurtful, but not as part of a pattern of behavior), or arising from conflict or struggle between persons who perceive they have incompatible views and/or positions. Harassmentdoes not include professionally accepted coaching methods of skill enhancement, physical conditioning, team building, appropriate discipline, or improved athletic performance.

Any conduct defined as Harassment in the USCSS Code that is not expressly included in the definition of Harassment above, is prohibited and shall be a violation of this Policy.

Conduct that constitutes Harassment may occur during a hockey game. Such instances should be addressed under the USA Hockey Playing Rules, including through supplementary discipline under Playing Rule 410.

While other team members are often the perpetrators of Harassment, it is a violation of this Policy if an Adult Participant knows or should know of the Harassment but takes no action to intervene or report on behalf of the targeted Participant(s).

A USA Hockey Participant who engages in any act of harassing behavior that occurs within a context that is reasonably related to hockey is subject to appropriate disciplinary action, including but not limited to, suspension, permanent suspension, and/or referral to law enforcement authorities. The severity and pattern, if any, of the harassing behavior and/or result shall be taken into consideration when disciplinary decisions are made.