Sexual Misconduct and Child Abuse

U.S. Center for Safe Sport

The USA Hockey Board of Directors has determined that USA Hockey’s policies prohibiting Sexual Misconduct and Child Abuse shall be the same as the applicable policies of the USCSS, and all persons within the jurisdiction of USA Hockey shall comply with the Sexual Misconduct and Child Abuse policies of the USCSS. All capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meaning set forth in the USCSS Code.

As the national governing body for ice hockey in the United States, USA Hockey has adopted the policies prohibiting Sexual Misconduct and Child Abuse as set forth in the USCSS Code, which may be found at Any violation of the Sexual Misconduct or Child Abuse policies of the USCSS by a Participant shall subject such person to appropriate disciplinary action by the USCSS and/or USA Hockey, including but not limited to suspension, permanent suspension, and/or referral to law enforcement authorities.

Reporting Obligations

Pursuant to the SafeSport Authorization Act, any adult who is authorized by USA Hockey, a member of USA Hockey, or any Member Program, to interact with a Minor or amateur athlete at a Facility or at any event sanctioned USA Hockey or a Member Program, is considered a mandatory reporter. If an Adult Participant reasonably suspects that an incident(s) of Sexual Misconduct has occurred, they must to both the USCSS and to applicable law enforcement authorities. An adult Participant’s failure to report may subject such person to disciplinary action by the USCSS and/or USA Hockey.

USA Hockey may not be aware of a report made to the USCSS or law enforcement and may not know the circumstances or allegations being made regarding a member of USA Hockey. Accordingly, in addition to any legal obligation of an entity or person to report Sexual Misconduct or Child Abuse to the USCSS and law enforcement authorities, all adult Participants are requested and strongly encouraged to promptly report any alleged violations of this Sexual Misconduct Policy to USA Hockey as set forth in Section IV below so that USA Hockey is aware of the allegations and can take immediate action when appropriate to protect USA Hockey Participants.

The duty to report to USCSS and USA Hockey and USCSS’s jurisdiction to investigate shall not supersede any local,state, or federal reporting requirements or jurisdiction, and shall not affect or impair the ability of any person that reports to the USCSS from also reporting to the appropriate local, state or federal authorities.

Prohibited Conduct and Jurisdiction

The USCSS shall have authority and jurisdiction over the investigation and resolution of any allegations of violations by any Participant of the Sexual Misconduct policies set forth in the USCSS Code, which prohibit sexual behavior involving minors by an adult Participant and in some cases between minors, including without limitation (as such terms are defined in the USCSS Code):

  • Sexual or Gender-related Harassment;
  • Non-consensual Sexual Contact;
  • Non-consensual Sexual Intercourse;
  • Sexual Exploitation;
  • Bullying or Hazing or Other Inappropriate Conduct of a sexual nature, including:
    • an adult Participant engage in an intimate or romantic relationship where an imbalance of power exists,
    • an adult Participant intentionally exposing a minor to content or imagery of a sexual nature, including but not limited to pornography, sexual comment(s), and/or sexual situations,
    • an adult Participant intentionally exposing private areas, or inducing another to do so where there is an imbalance of power, or to a minor, or
    • an adult Participant engaging in inappropriate physical contact with a Participant where an imbalance of power exists.

The USCSS shall also have exclusive jurisdiction to investigate and resolve allegations that a Participant has a Criminal Charge or Disposition involving Child Abuse or Sexual Misconduct.

The USCSS shall also have authority and exclusive jurisdiction over any conduct described in the USCSS Code as Aiding and Abetting when it relates to the Center’s Process, Misconduct Related to Reporting where the underlying allegation involves Child Abuse or Sexual Misconduct (including failing to report to the USCSS and intentionally filing a false allegation), and Misconduct Related to the USCSS’s Process (including an abuse of process and retaliation). The behaviors or conduct prohibited by the USCSS Code may be found at

The USCSS shall also have authority and jurisdiction over the investigation and resolution of reports or allegations of the USA Hockey SafeSport policies other than Sexual Misconduct (e.g., Physical Misconduct, Bullying, Locker Room Policy, etc.) where such conduct is reasonably related to and accompanies a report or allegations involving Sexual Misconduct.

Notwithstanding the jurisdiction of the USCSS as set forth above, prior to the USCSS expressly exercising such jurisdiction, USA Hockey and Member Programs retain the authority to address any allegations of sexual abuse or misconduct on an interim/temporary basis, including through the issuance of a summary suspension over such Participant. Upon the USCSS’s issuance of a Notice of Exercise of Jurisdiction, any temporary suspension,discipline, or other measures previously imposed by USA Hockey, an Affiliate or Member Program will be automatically and immediately adopted by the USCSS as its own, will be applicable throughout the USCSS’sjurisdiction, and will remain in effect unless and until the USCSS modifies those measures. Once the USCSS exercises jurisdiction over particular allegations regarding a particular Participant, neither USA Hockey nor any Member Program may issue a new suspension in response to those allegations. However, USA Hockey and Member Programs may still put in place any necessary safety plan(s) or interim measure(s) short of those measures that may deny or threaten to deny a Participant’s opportunity to participate.