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Listed below are links to USA Hockey and PNAHA forms. Note that we put forth our best efforts to maintain the current version of all forms for your use. However, when it comes to USA Hockey forms we encourage you to contact your local association registrar to obtain your credential packet forms each season. These new revised forms are provided to your local registrar on their CyberSport disk that they are provided to perform registration with and this disk will always have the most current form on it. To help ensure that you have the most current form we will list the date that the USA Hockey forms are uploaded. If the upload date does not show July/August date of the upcoming season then do not use this form. Example: For the 2011-12 season the correct season form would say "July/August 2011-12."


USA Hockey Forms

Note that the forms listed below are only available through your local registrar. Please contact your local registrar for these forms.

(1) Credential Verification; (2) Participant Code of Conduct; (3) Consent To Treat Form; (4) Waiver of Liability; (5) USA Hockey Written Player Transfer Form; (6) Certificate of Insurance